Preliminary Information

First information in accordance with § 15 German Insurance Brokerage Regulations

STADLER GmbH Finanz- & Assekuranzmakler
Münchener Straße 16 · 86529 Schrobenhausen
Telephone: 08252 8993-0 · Telefax: 08252 8993-50 · E-Mail:

The aforementioned company has been registered with the competent authority and entered in the Register of Brokers as an insurance broker with permission in accordance with § 34 d subsection 1 of the Trade Regulation Act and the registration number D-ON6N-Y84YR-28.

The competent authority granting permission and the competent professional chamber is the Chamber of Industry and Commerce (IHK) for Munich and Upper Bavaria, Max-Joseph-Str. 2 · 80333 Muenchen ·

The entry in the Register of Brokers can be verified as follows:
Association of German Chambers of Industry and Commerce (DIHK) Reg. Assoc. · 11052 Berlin · Telephone 0180 6005850 (landline price 0.20 €/call; mobile prices no more than 0.60 €/call) ·

Important note by the STADLER GmbH according to the information obligation to the legal Transparency Regulations beginning March 10, 2021
We would like to point out, that we do not broker any insurance investment products ourselves. Therefore, the corresponding disclosure obligations, according to the Transparency Regulations, do not apply to us.

As insurance brokers, we offer consultancy. The remuneration for our consultation, brokering and support activity – called brokerage – is borne by the insurance enterprise according to unwritten law. The brokerage is an integral part of the insurance premium. Anything deviating from this must be agreed expressly between us and the client. In particular in the brokering of so- called net products, a separate remuneration provision is agreed as a rule, obligating the client to pay the remuneration. Net products are products for which the brokerage remuneration has not been contained in the insurance premium. In addition, we can consult customers who are not consumers on a fee basis. Our enterprise does not receive any remuneration in the form of other benefits.

Our enterprise does not have any direct or indirect holdings of more than 10% of the voting rights or the capital of an insurance enterprise. No insurance enterprise or parent company of an insurance enterprise has a direct or indirect holding of more than 10% of the voting rights or the capital of our enterprise.

Information on the conciliation boards in accordance with § 214 German Insurance Contracts Act (VVG) and on participation in the dispute resolution proceedings in accordance with § 36 German Consumer Dispute Resolution Act

The following conciliation boards can be contacted for alternative dispute resolution. In accordance with § 17 subsection 4 of the German Insurance Brokerage Regulations, we are obliged to participate in dispute regulation proceedings with the following consumer conciliation boards:

Insurance Ombudsman Reg. Assoc. [Versicherungsombudsmann e. V.] · Postfach 080632 · 10006 Berlin ·

Ombudsman for Private Health and Care Insurance [Ombudsmann für die private Kranken- u. Pflegeversicherung] · Postfach 060222 · 10052 Berlin ·

Online dispute resolution in accordance with Art. 14 subsection 1 German Regulations concerning Online Dispute Resolution in Consumers‘ Affairs (ODR-VO)

The European Commission provides a platform for online dispute resolution (OD platform), which consumers can find under Consumers have the possibility of using this platform for extrajudicial resolution of their disputes concerning contractual obligations.

Managing Director Daniela Stadler:
Managing Director Lars Mesterheide:

Complaint management

For complaints about our activity, please get in touch with our complaint management:
E-mail: · Telephone: 08252 8993-28 (Daniela Stadler)

Professional law regulations

  • § 34 d Trade Regulation Act
  • §§ 59-68 German Insurance Contracts Act
  • German Insurance Brokerage Regulations

The professional law regulations can be inspected and accessed via the homepage operated by the Federal Ministry of Justice and by juris GmbH.

Effective 01/01/2022